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Anatolian Dark Grey

Anatolian rugs are known for their distinct features such as an angular large-scale floral design. They tend to display a calm, tame look. When it comes to materials and texture, Anatolian craftsmanship is considered to be one of the finest, as they not only consider the quality but also the carpet’s aesthetic appeal. The foundation of Anatolian carpets is cotton while the pile is made of wool. Anatolian rugs require experienced and sturdy hands when weaving. What makes it stand out from the others, is its history. The weaving artistry has been passed down through generations, from mother to daughter, father to son. The silky, luminous wool is what makes a true Anatolian rug. These rugs are unique in both pattern and colour highlighted by geometric or floral motifs. Anatolian rugs are generally known for their fine quality wool and luxurious feel, further enhancing the vintage Anatolian rug’s beauty.
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