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Best Rugs & Carpet For Sale In South Africa

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Whether you’re looking for a simple door mat, a modern and funky design to be the groundwork canvas for your room, or an outdoor rug to complete your entertainment area, the Rugs Original collections have something for everyone.

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About Rugs Original

The best home and office rugs for sale in South Africa

The Rugs Original team search the world for the very best designs and rugs of the highest quality. We provide our customers with top of the range rugs for sale in South Africa. Some of the finest hand-knotted rugs are found in India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Turkey and, of course, Iran (formerly Persia) and although the team looks to these markets for such supplier, they also looks to markets that produce highly durable and functional rugs, that are not only striking and attractive but, also more practical and affordable.

Not everyone is in the market for a fine handcrafted Persian or Oriental rug that are classic investment pieces, as the majority of modern homeowners seek rugs that are contemporary, durable and resilient for high-foot traffic and easy cleaning, as well as being affordable.

Want to know more about our other products? Take a look at our top polypropylene outdoor rugs in South Africa. We also have a selection of quality Oriental and Persian rugs for sale. Browse through our website for more.

Rugs Original is constantly on the look-out for new trends and pride themselves in finding and stocking the best indoor and outdoor rug design, that offer the highest quality, for the wholesale and retail markets in South Africa.

Why your home needs rugs

Adding a rug to a room is one of the easiest ways to transform the look and feel of the environment.

Living room rugs help to create a welcoming and cosy space. Adding a rug to a dining room instantly adds an element of class and glamour. Bedroom rugs make for a warm and inviting atmosphere. If you’re looking for a way to transform the study or home office... simply get a rug. We offer a wide variety of styles that suite every design and style, whether it is ultra-modern and contemporary, classic, luxurious or traditional.

Affordable Persian & Oriental rugs online South Africa

When it comes to quality craftmanship and design, the differences between Persian and Oriental rugs stems from their country of origin. A Persian rug is only truly considered a Persian rug, if it originates from Iran, formerly Persia. Oriental rugs are typically sourced from countries such as India, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Egypt and Turkey.

The Persian rug dates back thousands of years to the ancient Persian Empire, which was a series of dynasties that lasted from the 6th century BC to the 20th century AD. The centre of the ancient kingdom of Persia was located in present-day Iran. The art of carpet weaving in Iran has been passed down from generation to generation. Today, rug weaving is the most widespread handicraft in Iran.

Apart from the country of origin, the type of knot used in the making of these fine quality rugs is the tell-tale sign of whether you are looking at a Persian or Oriental rug. Both are hand-knotted on traditional looms; however, Persian rugs are knotted using the asymmetrical Senneh knot, and Oriental rugs are tied with symmetrical Ghiordes knots.

Rugs Original stocks the more popular choice of Persian and Oriental rugs online South Africa solutions, such as:

Persian Kashan

Undeniably one of the most popular Persian rugs in the world, the Persian Kashan is sourced from Kashan, one of Iran’s oldest cities. The fine hand- knotted rugs of Kashan have been crafted in this region since the 17th century. The intricate design style is instantly recognised among rug fundis, who regard Persian Kashan rugs as some of the most beautiful and valuable in the world.

A typical Kashan rug has a central medallion and Persian floral motifs on a red field of navy and ivory borders, typically with silk incorporated into the design. The wool is soft, and the pile is tightly knotted. Modern Kashan rugs use wool sourced from Sabzevar which produces some of the finest wool in Iran.

Nain rugs

The famous Nain rugs originate from the scenic city of Nain, which is home to one of the oldest mosques in Iran, dating back to the 10th century. Nain rugs are regarded as some of the finest and highest quality Persian rugs in the world, and are instantly recognisable for their more subtle colouring and intricate designs, which are taken from the beautiful blue and white tiles from the mosques in the region.

The knot density of Nain rugs is high and the pile is close cropped. As a result, the clarity of the design is crisp and elegant. The colour palette is light and subtle, including ivory, beige, blues and the occasional subdued hues green and red.

The exclusive Nain rug is made of wool on a silk warp or silk in the warp as well as in the weft and pile. Typically, the pattern includes an intricate medallion in the middle, together with elaborate arabesques and floral motifs.

Afghan Aqcha rugs and runners

Afghan Aqcha is one of the most popular hand-knotted Oriental rugs in the world. These fine handcrafted rugs originate from one of the districts of Shaberghan city in Afghanistan and is a simple version of the Khal Mohammadi rug design. It’s popular as an entry-level carpet for people looking for a beautiful investment piece that’s also relatively affordable.

Otherwise known as an Afghan Red, this type of Oriental rug has a lower knot count and as a result, a less intricate design than the Khal Mohammadi rug. The signature göls (elephant-like pattern) and octagonal- repeating motifs are woven using a combination of wool, horse hair and goat hair.

Machine-made rugs

For the modern lifestyle, Rugs Original sources contemporary machine- made rugs that are generally more practical and affordable. Most modern rugs are made using the same traditional weaving techniques but a machine is used to speed up the weaving process.

Hand-knotting is labour intensive, and relies on an ancient skill that’s passed down from generation to generation. No two hand-knotted rugs are exactly alike which adds to their value and collector’s appeal.

Tufted rugs are easier to manufacture and the process produces high quality rugs with bold, intricate designs. They’re created without knots; instead, loops of yarn are pulled through the rug’s backing material either by machine or a handheld tool. The loops are sheared to create a smooth, cut-pile surface.

The hooking process in machine rug making is like tufting except the yarn loops stay intact, instead of being sheared. This creates a knobby, embroidered look.

The flat-woven manufacturing technique produces popular rugs such as the famous Kilim and Dhurrie carpets. Flat-weave rugs don’t have a pile. Warps (vertical yarn) are woven through wefts (horizontal yarns) by machine.

Outdoor rugs

Outdoor rugs use the latest innovations in rug technology, making them weather resistant, water resistant and mildew and mould resistant. The latter is extremely important as mould produces allergens which are substances that cause allergic reactions as well as irritants, and in some cases, highly toxic substances called mycotoxins.

From an aesthetic point of view, outdoor rugs create an additional room in a home, as the patio becomes a gorgeous extension of a home’s stylish interior. As they are usually UV-stable, outdoor rugs don’t fade in direct sunlight, and weather the elements, ensuring they look fresh and appealing.

Indoor carpets are not suitable for outdoors, however outdoor carpets can be used indoors; particularly in places like kitchens and bathrooms; anywhere that needs to handle high-foot traffic and dirt and soiling if you have children and pets in the home.

Machine-washable rugs

Sometimes practicalities outweigh aesthetics, and that’s why machine- washable rugs have become so popular in recent years. Machine-washable rugs are created to withstand heavy foot traffic and all the spills and stains a modern family or office space generates. All you do is pop the rug into a washing machine or one of those larger laundromat versions when they get dirty.

Machine-washable rugs might not be a high-value investment item but it is a good investment for your home, purely for the time and frustration it will save you. They’re perfect if you have children, high-traffic areas where accidents and messes occur frequently and a home with pets with muddy paws and hair shedding.

These wonderfully-convenient rugs are also an excellent choice if someone in your family suffers from hay fever or is highly allergic to certain allergens. Rugs collect dust, dust mines, pet and human dander (skin that sheds) and other microscopic allergens. You’re better off with a low-pile rug that is machine washable to save a family member with allergies extreme discomfort.

Kids’ rug range

Rugs Original stocks an fun range of rugs for kids’ rooms that are bright, colourful and visually stimulating. Kids love them. They’re more than just practical as floor coverings; they’re designed to stimulate your young one’s senses, and come in a choice of themes depending on what’s in stock; from road traffic playmats to alphabet, a world map, “I spy” and hopscotch rugs.

The formative years from newborn to 8 years old are the most important time in a child’s life for early mental and creative brain development. The interactive rugs that Rugs Original stocks, under their Kids Original brand, encourages children to learn through natural play. It’s like bringing the playground inside.

Our kids’ rugs are made from synthetic fibre which means they’re highly durable, and can handle the wear and tear caused by busy little people. They’re also stain resistant, and repel water, ensuring they don’t become breeding grounds for dangerous allergens such as mould and mildew. They’re also machine-washable and can be popped into the washing machine when they get grubby and hung out in the sun to dry.

End of range & seasonal specials

Rugs Original offer a selection of ‘end of range’ rugs that are competitively priced. They’re rugs that are heavily discounted to make room for new ranges coming into the store. All ‘End of Range’ rugs are in perfect condition; it’s just time to move them out to create space for new stock. They’re popular with homeowners on tight decorating budgets or those patient enough to wait for the price to be reduced on their dream rug.

Our professionally trained team is ready to assist you in finding the perfect rug for sale that is best suited for your home or office space. Contact us today for more information on our exquisite range of rugs.