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High-Quality Rugs for Sale at Rugs Warehouse

Are you looking for a company that has high-quality rugs for sale in South Africa, at a fraction of the cost? Well, look no further! Rugs Warehouse is the leading supplier for the best rugs in South Africa, by providing our customers with the best solutions that will help them add a touch of style to their living space. Read more below.

Adorning your home with elegant rugs can assist in changing the overall appearance, look and feel of the home, making it more beautiful, appealing and welcoming. Rugs come in all a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colours and patterns. Nowadays, modern home flooring generally consist of tiles or wood flooring, which means many people who move into a new home consider buying rugs for their floors. If you are having a tough time trying to decide whether to buy a rug or two for your place be sure to call Rugs Warehouse.

For the most part, people consider rugs as an approach to upgrade their home style. This is due to the fact that rugs come in pretty much every tone, size, material, and shape you can envision. They can help you to make a room feel warmer, while adding a decorative touch. Rugs can also be used to anchor a room.

If it’s your floor that has a problem – like cracked tiles, for example – a quick fix would be to hide it using a rug. Rugs blend in with the rest of the furniture in the room. Wall-to-wall carpeting might be there to stay, but rugs can be taken with you should you relocate.

An offbeat, or brilliant hued floor covering, can offer a striking expression. Rugs Warehouse has a selection of rugs that are available for purchase on their website. Search and find the best one for your home today.

What is rug binding?

Rug binding is done during the production stage of making a rug. This process deals with taking a completed rug, and applying fabric and different stitching methods to the edges of the rug, in order to prevent the weaves from opening at a later stage. Rug binding ensures that your rug will last much longer, and be durable enough for people to walk on, without having it open up. Rug binding is usually done with a binding machine, similar to a sewing machine, and gives the rug a neat look, and protects it from fraying.

One of the most important factors to keep in mind when it comes to rug binding is that not all rugs can use the same binding method. Rugs are first cut into the correct shape and size before they can be bound. Once they have been cut to the desired shape and size, the colour and binding style is then determined. The binding is then sewn onto the rugs, and the edges are checked to ensure they are secure. If the edges are not tightly secured, glue will be used on them to guarantee that they will not open after being sold to a customer.

Three of the most well-known methods for binding a rug includes:


Carpet binding is a method that requires the use of binding tape to fix the edges of your rug. It is known to be the easiest and least expensive method of the three, and is often used on rugs to help create a bold look.


Rug serging, otherwise called overlocked sewing. Serging the edge of your floor covering produces a look that appears hand-sewn, despite the fact that it's generally done by a weighty sewing machine. When complete, a serged edge looks like a thick fibre has been folded over the edge of the rug consistently. Carpet serging provides a better-quality look than binding, and is generally used on manufactured area rugs.

Serging a rug involves consistently wrapping the edge of the rug with yarn, a method that is very similar to that of whip stitching. The yarn on the edge is near one another, and done by a machine.


Fringing is seen as a complete edge treatment for rugs. Fringing is usually described to be long-fringed tassels, often in a neutral off-white colour.

This sort of finish is typically used on hand-knotted rugs, since it plays the part of the backbone to fibres on the rug. On machine-made floor covering, bordering is normally used to provide a brightening appearance, yet doesn't fill any practical purpose.

Using the fringing technique gives the rugs a more stylish look but, it is also one of the most difficult finishes on a rug to clean and maintain. When vacuuming, the fringe finish tends to get sucked into the vacuum, resulting in a tangled look to your rugs. Fringes also tend to stain easily, and have to be cared for in the correct manner in order for the rug to remain durable over time.

How much does carpet binding cost?

It is very difficult to give an exact amount on how much it will cost to get your rug bound. This is because of the fact that the price varies depending on the business and the quality of their service. One of the things to keep in mind when dealing with the cost of binding your rug, is that standard polyester binding is the most inexpensive option to use if you are looking for an affordable service.

The price you will pay for rug binding also depends on the style which you would like to use. Other possible charges that may occur when you decide to have your rug bound can include the cutting fee and labour charge.

If you’re looking to save money when having your carpet bound, one option would be to go the DIY route. Rug remnants that match your home style can be transformed into a stylish area rug. The edges of a remnant will start to open up unless it is bound. Professional rug binding can be costly. you can do it yourself with supplies purchased from a store.

How to determine the value of a high-quality Persian and Oriental rug?

Oriental rugs are made all over Asia, including India and Iran. Persian rugs are commonly known to be produced only in Persia, or modern-day Iran. Just like Turkish carpets are made in Turkey.

Persian carpets are to this day, believed to have the best quality of all the Oriental floor coverings. Both Persian and Oriental carpets are woven using either the Persian knot or the Turkish knot. Fleece, Silk, Goat hair, and cotton are just some of the materials used in weaving hand-knotted carpets. When it comes to determining if your Persian or Oriental rug is of a high-value, you should keep the following in mind:

Size of your Oriental rug

One of the biggest signs you can use to determine the value your Oriental rug is, is by looking at its size. The larger the rug, the more effort and material used to produce it, which makes it more valuable than smaller ones of its kind.

The materials used to produce the rug

Materials such as wool, cotton, and silk are the three most commonly used materials to produce a high-quality Oriental rugs. The decision of material is significant, not just for the look and feel of a floor covering, but also for its durability, and longevity. The most valuable Oriental carpets are generally made from silk on silk, or from silk with a fine wool mix.

How old your rug is and the condition you purchase it in

Something worth noting regarding the age of your rug, is that if it is more than one hundred years old, it is considered an antique. Oriental rugs that have been well looked after over the years offer greater value.

Is your Persian rug handmade or machine-made?

Persian rugs that are handmade on loom are more valuable than those made by machines, and this can be determined by flipping your rug over to view the underneath. If you pay close attention to the details that lie on the underneath of your rug, this can provide some insight into its value.

Get in touch with Rugs Warehouse today to get your hands on the most affordable rugs in South Africa. Our products offer great value for money and will last much longer than the rest. View our range of rugs online today.

Benefits of buying a rug online

When it comes to rugs and carpets, every country has its style and method of floor coverings. In nations where the atmosphere stays hotter than others, people tend to choose hardwood and tile flooring. A large portion of the home owners discovers that and rugs are the best solution to use in their living space. Below we discuss some of the benefits you can look forward to when you choose to buy a rug for your home:


Purchasing carpets online will ensure that you endure lower costs than what you would get from a vendor. Online sales and discounted prices are usually offered on businesses websites more often than you would find in-store. Your nearby rug store needs to charge higher rates to cover the cost of store rentals, and on-site staffing, where as an online dealer negates these costs, and is able to pass the discounts onto the consumer.


One of the main reasons why people choose to purchase floor coverings on the web is the convenience it provides. You can make your purchase from the comfort of your home, and have the rug shipped to your doorstep, without moving an inch.

You don't need to plan and go to the stores to look around and search for the best rug. You can easily browse through different options online and choose the one that best fits your style by viewing images of the product online, and there is no concern as to how you will get the rug home.


When shopping for rugs online, you may not have an exact colour, or design, in mind. You may be looking for something that will blend with your home décor, and you will most probably decide from the options you have.

Visiting a store gives you a very limited variety to pick from compared to a case where you choose to buy rugs online. Buying online gives you the chance to view what types of rugs are available from different sellers at once, and affords you time to view all of the different options online before making a purchase. After all, you have all the time needed when browsing through these online stores.

The ability to have your rug delivered to your doorstep

One advantage of purchasing rugs online is that the person delivering your rug needs to do all the difficult work, from pulling the stock from a warehouse, and ensuring its delivery to your home.

If you are interested in buying a rug online, be sure to speak to our professional team at Rugs Warehouse today. We offer our customers high-quality rugs at the most affordable price on the market. Shop online for great rugs at Rugs Warehouse today.

Get in touch with Rugs Warehouse for the best rugs for sale in South Africa

If you are looking to make changes to your home by adding rugs in different areas, be sure to call Rugs Warehouse today. Our selection of rugs can help you to change the colour theme of your home without having to decide on a new paint colour for your walls. Our rugs will help you to create a soft and luxurious look and feel in your home, even if you are on a budget. Speak to our sales team today to help you find the best rug online. All of our customers are welcome to take a look at our selection of affordable rugs for sale online today.